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Wessels gate 31 - appartments

Bjørnådal Arkitektstudio has submitted an application for planning permission for Wessels gate 31. The project is centrally located in Innlandet with close proximity to schools, kindergartens, grocery stores, bus stops and the Sundbåt. The building has three floors with parking and stalls in the basement, apartments on the first to third floors. The six apartments are accessible by lift, and are 3-room apartments of around 80 square meters.

There are few apartments with accessibility in the area, and it will be important to create varied housing typologies and housing that complies with the current accessibility regulations.

The apartments have two balconies each, which gives good opportunities for spending time outside, while at the same time increasing the sense of space in the apartments. In addition to private patios, the residents have common outdoor areas on the ground floor, one in the south of the plot with sun for large parts of the day, and the other opens to the west. The outdoor areas on the ground floor are accessible, and are over 25 square meters per resident, in accordance with provisions in the area section of the municipal sub-plan.

The building is designed in two wings, with an apartment in each wing per floor with a lift and stairs between. It provides two narrow building volumes that adapt to the scale of the area. The building volumes open up to the view to the south, forming an inner courtyard. The terrain rises to the north, and parts of the basement floor are therefore hidden from the terrain. Wooden cladding is planned on the facade and wall in the basement, in order to adapt to the surrounding buildings. The colors are to be chosen based on inspiration from Kristiansund's color palette for the wooden house buildings from the post-war period, as well as the color palette in the area.



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