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Creative Talk #6 - Sissel Engvig

Thursday 07. March at 16:30 - 17:30

Bjørnådal Arkitektstudio and HUE creative Studio invite you to CREATIVE TALK #6 with Sissel Engvig in our studio at Vågeveien 7.

Sissel Engvig, a prominent figure in the cultural landscape of Kristiansund, has devoted her efforts to preserving and showcasing the city's rich history through her convincing lectures and impactful work in filming the city's historical events. With a strong focus on the resilience and strength of the residents of Kristiansund in times of ups and downs, Engvig aims to capture the essence of the community's collective spirit.


Her lectures work as a lighthouse, which sheds light on the remarkable stories of how Kristiansund has navigated through ups and downs, and underlines the values of solidarity and volunteerism that have been integral to the city's identity. Engvig's work extends beyond mere documentation, as she actively encourages a sense of unity, emphasizing the idea that together the community is stronger.


Through her commitment to communicating Kristiansund's history to the younger generation, Engvig wants to create a cultural feature that represents the city's past, present and future. Her endeavors in filming and lecturing act as a knowledge-based platform, and provide a visual and narrative framework for the city's photographic history. Engvig's work stands as a testimony to the power of community and the importance of preserving and sharing the stories that define Kristiansund. In doing so, she contributes to the city's cultural heritage, ensuring that its history remains a living and integral part of its identity.


Sissel's background as a photographer has contributed to various work experiences. She has, among other things, worked as a press photographer, worked with architectural photography and professional photography. She has studied film, theatre, education and sociology. In addition, she has a background in storytelling, guidance, image therapy, dance and movement therapy at college/university level.


Sissel Engvig is the 4th generation photographer Engvig, Norway's second oldest photography company in continuous operation within the same family, established in 1875 by her greatgrandfather Johan K. Engvig (1850-1918).

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