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Myrullveien 36 - Approved framework permit

According to Section 21-4 of the Planning and Building Act, cf. § 21-2 framework permission is granted for the construction of a detached house with a plinth apartment on the property with address Myrullveien 36 by the planning and building authority in Kristiansund Municipality. The plot is included in the R157 Torvhaugen area planning scheme and is now undeveloped after the former detached house was completely damaged in a fire.

The detached house consists of a basement with a rental part, a main floor with all functions and a second floor with a loft living room, bedroom and bathroom. The detached house is located somewhat lower than the original detached house, this to provide increased accessibility in the basement and main floor.

As the detached house was originally, there was no access to the main floor.

The main entrance has been moved to the back of the house. There is now step-free access from the ground on the main floor, as well as step-free access to the rental unit in the basement. There is access from the basement to the main floor from the garage via stairs. Parking should preferably be located close to the main entrance, but due to pedestrian and cycle path in Bergknappen, the parking and garage are located with the exit from Myrullveien as the original exit was. This move means that the rental part is available, as well as the main floor of the detached house. This means that the detached house has a life cycle standard, which gives a detached house you can live in for a long time.

The detached house is aesthetically and functionally divided into three parts, with a basement, main floor and attic floor. Which is reflected in different material choices. Color selection must work together with the surrounding buildings. The direction of the ridge follows the road along Myrullveien, like the existing detached house. The outdoor area is naturally divided for the rental units and the detached house, and is well above the requirement in the municipal section of 25 square meters per housing unit.

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