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Honorable mention in the Architecture Masterprize

Community Landscape received a Honorable Mention in the 2023 Architecture MasterPrize for its exceptional design. The project was selected among thousands of remarkable projects from 81 countries and esteemed firms as Tadao Ando and BIG. The Architecture MasterPrize is a leading international architectural and design award, trusted by expert circles and industry leaders. Receiving the AMP Awards is a testament of achievement on a global level.

Community Landscape

Honorable Mention in Architectural Design / Other Architecture

A rippling parametric installation in the frozen arctic of Norway, ‘Community Landscape’ redefines the concept of a grandstand into a monumental, functional work of art. The 30-meter-long structure winds between the trees of the Grønnåsen School in Tromsø to enhance the fabric of the school while also becoming a social gathering point for the local community after hours. Able to accommodate up to 70 people at a time the "Community Landscape’ creates various seating and activity spaces including secluded niches for rest, and more open landscapes for larger gatherings.

Lead Architect - Hans-Petter Bjørnådal

Design Team - Rambøll Oslo, Lost Coast Woodwork & design, Andrea Music,

Art Curators - Nina Mathisen, Ina Otzko

Carpenters - Ben Adams, Jan Kleine, Haye Sievertsen, Ole Bachmann, Sebastian Lind, Kjell Ronny Jensen, Ole Martin Gundersen, Mikkel Solberg, Oliver Adams, Philip Adams.

Client - Tromsø Kommune



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