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Contemporary art and local development

5.-6. In May 2023, we were invited to present our thoughts and projects at the seminar on Contemporary Art and Local Development organized by Kristiansund Kunsthall. Here we looked more closely at the role that artists and architects can have in the development of urban areas, and we asked questions, among other things, about whether all the new investments in art and culture are only a gentrification mechanism, or whether it is actually an expression of something deeper? In Kristiansunder this is perhaps more relevant than ever, with new initiatives such as Campus and Normoria and an increased focus on town center development for the first time in a very long time.


Brit Dyrnes

Charlotte Rostad

Ditteke Waidelich

Eigunn Stav Sætre

Hans Petter Bjørnådal

Hedda Bremseth

Lars Ø Ramberg

Marco Casagrande

Menno Cramer

Trygve Ohren



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