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BJØRNÅDAL ARKITEKTSTUDIO Celebrates Double Victory at DNA Paris Design Awards

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Kristiansund, Norway – July 6, 2024

BJØRNÅDAL ARKITEKTSTUDIO proudly announces its triumph at the esteemed DNA Paris Design Awards, securing two prestigious prizes. Recognized globally, the DNA Paris Design Awards honor groundbreaking design across multiple disciplines, highlighting the most innovative and impactful projects worldwide.

The studio's awarded projects include:

The stage deisgn for Bodø 2024 Opening ceremony: A centerpiece at the opening ceremony of Bodø2024 European Capital of Culture, this project showcases our commitment to cultural and environmental sustainability. Collaborating with local artists and the community, BJØRNÅDAL ARKITEKTSTUDIO created an immersive experience that reflects Bodø’s rich cultural heritage and future aspirations. More information about the project can be found here.

Community Landscape: A parametric installation at a community school in Tromsø, designed to foster interaction and community spirit. This innovative project uses advanced parametric design techniques to create a dynamic, ripple-like structure that engages students and teachers alike. In partnership with local educational institutions and design experts, this installation exemplifies how architecture can positively impact learning environments. Detailed information about the can be found here.


Our success would not be possible without the support of our esteemed partners:

Bodø 2024: The European Capital of Culture in 2024. Bodø 2024 is the largest cultural project in Norway in over 10 years and the largest in Northern Norway ever.

Phase 7: is a Berlin based collective of theater and media artists, musicians, researchers and digital specialists under the artistic direction of media artist and director Sven Sören Beyer. The catalyst of the artistic discourse of phase7 is the field of human // machine interaction.

In this way performative stagings and installations with digital focus are beinig created. They seemed utopic at first, but proved to be lastingly progressive in an international context of the arts.

Nordland Teater: every year they travel around the region, presenting around 300 performances to around 30,000 audiences. Of which the annual Winter Light Festival, established in 2001, is among Norway's foremost of its kind. Their dedicated staff of 25 permanent employees form the very foundation of the theatre. In addition, they annually engage 50-60 external talented people for various productions and projects. This gives them the flexibility to put on a wide range of performances for children, young people and adults. Culture nourishes the soul and local communities. By collaborating with the local cultural life, their organizers and cultural centers, they can help shape the cultural landscape and give residents and visitors the opportunity to participate in and contribute to cultural activities.

Ada Einmo Jurgensen: Living in the arctic of northern Norway, she is working as a freelance choreographer, stage director, project manager and lecturer.

Her works, research and experimentations are often inspired from ancient Arctic/Nordic and Sami cultural expressions and transformed into the contemporary. She specialize in outdoor site-specific performances and have shown her works in Norway, the US, Russia, Sweden, Finland, Serbia, and India.

She is the co-founder and former artistic director of the South Sami Theater (Sami People – the indigenous population in North Scandinavia and Russia). Her works often confront the majority of storytelling and perspectives.

Ina Otzko: works time-based in various media. Through a deep listening and observing approach to nature, landscape and the human being, she explores questions of heritage, memory and consciousness, connections and communication - visible and invisible, longing and belonging. Otzko is concerned with how our individual and collective energy-exchange affects our choices, brings and creates changes in how we perceive and relate to ourselves, others, our surroundings and life on Earth now and in the future. 

Tromsø Kommune / Nina Mathisen: A vital partner in Community Landscape , Nina Mathisen supported the implementation of our installation, ensuring it met community needs and educational goals.

Rambøll: a global engineering and consultancy company, delivering sustainable expertise. Renowned engineering and consultancy firm with 18,000 experts dedicated to sustainability.

These partnerships have been crucial in achieving our vision of creating sustainable, impactful designs that resonate with communities.

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