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A new magnificent building is about to make its mark in Kristiansund

TIDENS KRAV - Magnus Kongshaug Johannesen

Earlier this autumn, Tidens Krav wrote about how Kristiansund Kunsthall will upgrade its new premises in parts of Langveien 19 in a preliminary project to facilitate universal access. Kristiansund Kunsthall's partner Bjørnådal Arkitektstudio has now completed illustrations and sketches for how the building at Langveien 19 may look in the future.

- This is a project with many phases. The first phase is universal design and opening up the building, also so that we can use the top floor . In the end, it will be a total renovation project. The building needs to facilitate universal access by installing a lift, says general manager Karl Edvin Endresen at Kristiansund Kunsthall.

Endresen dreams of being able to create an opening into the Kunsthallen in the back street, so that the entire wall can be opened.

- We want to make this facility accessable for everyone through the public entrance with a lift and goods transport entrance to larger stage rigs and larger exhibitions. There is so much that can be realized. We would like, among other things, more multi-purpose rooms, an art book shop and a cafe/pub with a small stage at the very top of the building, says Endresen.

It is general manager, Hans-Petter Bjørnådal, at Bjørnådal Arkitektstudio who has drawn the illustrations.

Visible for Kristiansund

One of the biggest upgrades involves opening up the roof at the top of the building to let sunlight into the art gallery during the day and the indoor light out in the evening. The architect jokingly calls this the "cathedral".

– We want to open up the building to let in the light during the day. The plan is to replace some of the slate with copper and glass. In this way, the art gallery becomes a signal building where the light can escape and become visible throughout the city. It is to show that this is an art gallery. It will stand out and be a nice building, says Endresen.

Long process

Langveien 19 is a listed building, and therefore there are certain guidelines that must be followed in order to carry out some of the upgrades in the building. Kunsthallen rents the property from Zivi Eiendom As.

– The buildings in the city center are characterized by revival architecture. We try to implement as few structural changes as possible, but signalising what is going on inside. Right now this looks like the house of worship it used to be and it can't continue like that. It is a big process, but the upgrades we are trying to prioritize do not fall under any regulatory plans. That way we can complete the project a little faster, says Endresen.

The plans for the building include, among other things, a roof terrace, hangout, vinyl and book store and several screening rooms. In the hall itself, the plan is to add a mezzanine, remove the stage and build out to the rear by almost three metres, and then to build a half-floor with the mezzanine embracing both sides of the room.

Applications for financial support

Endresen and Bjørnådal want the Kunsthallen to become a great arena for contemporary art and culture. The preliminary project has received support from the Directorate of Culture's grant scheme ARENA, which provided NOK 200,000 in the first phase. Now they have sent a new application to the Cultural Council for funds for the project itself.

– We have forwarded the project and applied for funding from the Cultural Council. It is very exciting. The illustrations and sketches drawn by Hans Petter are fantastic. We have received hints from private investors that they will help us further when the first part of the project funds are in place, concludes Endresen.

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