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Zengarden - Lithuania

Zengarden - Lithuania

Project name: Zengarden Lithuania

Category: Zengarden / Gapahuk

Client: Vytautas v. Landsbergsis & Constructive Shamanism

Status: Completed 2016

Location: Anykscai, Lithuania

The main idea was to create a meditation garden with "gapahuks" in Norwegian style as the main structures, combined with a Zen garden constructed according to Lithuanian legends and myths.


Great consideration was given to ideas presented by team members, local mediator and organizer, Vytautas V. Landsbergsis.

The interest in Lithuanian folklore and various activities and events that could be carried out in the meditation garden had a great influence on the design.

The meditation garden integrated the design of the "gapa huts" with the Lithuanian swamp landscape and created an architectural whole on the property of Vytautas V. Landsbergsis.


Workshop participants continuesly have annual gatherings, celebrations and meetings to care for the "huts" as well as tending the meditation garden by planting trees and shrubs.

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