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Wild Salmon Centre - Nordreisa

Wild Salmon Centre - Nordreisa

Project name: Loussa


Category/type of housing: Villakssenter 400 m2


Customer: Nordreisa Municipality


Status: Competition


Location: Nordreisa

LUOSSA is a wild salmon center that will tell about the life and course of life of the Atlantic axis. LUOSSA is built around an open space that can adapt to different exhibitions and uses. The center is located in such a way that it lies by the river bank and parts of the center protrude into the river so that LOUSSA becomes part of it.


LUOSSA is 400m2 BTA spread over 2 floors and in its building structure takes the shape of a salmon jumping into the river.

The use of materials is simple and natural. The main structure is a strong wooden truss with massive wooden decks. Outside, it is covered with glass and steel.

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