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Vikaveien Apartment project

Vikaveien Apartment project

Project name: Vikaveien

Category: Apartments

Customer: Private

Status: Detailed regulation - ongoing

Location: Mo i Rana

The planning proposal provides for re-regulating the properties in Vikaveien 38 A-E from IND/K to service provision and residential purposes. The plot of land, which is currently built on with a warehouse and a workshop building, is to be divided into 2 residential purposes with a regulated outdoor area and parking between the residential purposes. At the same time as maintaining services on the lower floor facing Vikaveien.

Parking for the new building is solved in between the residential purposes.



The plot is sunny, and is suitable for housing in a fringe zone area. The area is centrally located within walking distance of the town centre, kindergartens, schools, grocery store and bus stop.

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