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Verket - City icon

Verket - City icon

Project name: Verket

Category: Installation

Customer: Miras. Rana Municipality & the work

Status: Completed 2011

Location: Mo I rana, Norway

The work is a five-metre high steel cube that adorns the top of the festival plain.

The idea is to create an exhibition space that takes the area, the festival and the city seriously. The result was a meeting between culture, history and nature. To show the opposites, walls have been built on a steel structure, coke on the floor and turf on the roof.


The cube's roof stretches up towards the Industrial Park and has a door down to the intimate scene. This is also to highlight the contrasts. Inside the floor, there is space for a barbecue, so that it becomes a room both for being together and for experiencing music and art.

However, the installation has become a permanent part of the cityscape of Mo i Rana and is considered an urban icon for the "Iron City".

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