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Project name: Veil

Category: Competition

Location: Tromsø

Collaboration: Casagrade

Veil is inspired by a veil which is organically resting on a surface and creating pockets of comfortable spaces looking both outwards and inwards in different scales for different sizes of croups. Some of these pockets are more intime for discussions or contemplation and some are more public in their feeling.




The different spaces are intertwining and communicating with each other with the fabric of the Veil combining them into a unity of a Public Sphere, a democratic space for participation and belonging. Outside of the school hours the Veil is open for public gatherings, and we could consider having an open fire-place inside of it.




The size of the Veil can be customized carefully to meet the site-specific conditions and according to the budget. The main material will be a homogeneous glittering mended metal mesh offering privacy and sense of space, but still semi-transparent enough for public security. Suitable materials could be copper or stainless steel.




The ground inside the Veil is of white gravel. The organic form of the Veil will provide places for seating, resting, socializing, and observing. The structure will be designed to be self-supporting.

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