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Tucume - Tempelworkshop

Tucume - Tempelworkshop

Project name: Sacred Spaces of Tucume

Category: Organic  Temple

Status: Completed 2019

Location: Tucume, Peru

Collaboration: Museo Tucume & USMP, DOGA

Rais de Raja is an ecological temple built in the forest, overlooking the sacred mountain of La Raja. The site is surrounded by pyramids built by the pre-Hispanic Mocheculture and the Incas.


Sacred Space Tucume was a workshop that explored pre-Columbian architecture, ecological building methods and sacred sites. In the workshop, an ecological temple was built next to the ancient pyramids in Tucume, Peru. The project is a collaboration between Escuela Profesional de Arquitectura - USMP Filial Norte, Museo de sitio Tucume en Lambayeque and initiated by Bjørnådal Arkitektstudio.


The temple is constructed using local building techniques and materials such as adobe and cana brava. These are materials that were even used in the ancient pyramids. These materials, together with an understanding of the climate, create a healthy and comfortable environment.

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