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Project name: Storskarven


Category: Terraced houses, apartments


Customer: Private


Status: Feasibility study


Location: Storskarven, Kristiansund

Storskarven is an exciting project where the focus has been on creating a new typography. We have therefore chosen to emphasize modern construction with a local identity.

The project consists of 32 housing units, five of which are terraced houses. The buildings are divided into three houses with apartments on each floor, where there are alternately three and four floors.


Kristiansund city often looks to other cities as sources of inspiration, but here we believe they should look inwards, and the local opportunities to create a city with its own identity. With this as the foundation for the project, we have, among other things, taken inspiration from the wooden housing developments in the city. In the project, we divided the houses into smaller volumes and created large spaces between the buildings. We have also chosen and used the color palette of Kristiansund municipality, so that the buildings are experienced as a natural part of Storskarven.


The project seeks to create homes with a distinctive character that make use of the site's good views and easy access to the sea. We have also emphasized the surrounding buildings. Each house has an individual expression with different placements of windows and balconies. The houses also have different roof angles which help to break up the facade. At the same time, the houses have a similarity, which gives the project a holistic expression.

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