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Shchusev National Museum of Architecture

Shchusev National Museum of Architecture

Project: Moscow, exhibition

Category: Exhibition

Status: Completed Feb. 2020

Location: Moscow, Russia

Collaboration: ECC, Shchusev Museum of Architecture

This exhibition is about the exploration of the constructive principles in our company. The exhibition sends vibes about the architect's desire for a modern society with room for silence and reunion with nature.


The inner creative space and the outer natural realm are united in creation: sacred space

Since industrialisation, we as a society have distanced ourselves more and more from nature and the spirit world. Religion lost its value and nature became only a source of raw materials. In this way we created an urban world completely alienated from real value.


We believe that we must connect both the natural world and the creative world to create new urban communities. We call this new architecture "sacred spaces".

Our cities have become part of a modernist machine that causes stress and disease to the organism of the earth and humanity. Research shows that approximately 17% of the population in urban areas suffer from depression or other anxiety disorders. Man needs space for silence and meditation.

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