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Project name: Jatkasaari

Category: Apartments 5500m2

Client: Lakea & Helsinki Planning Department

Status: Competition

Location: Helsinki


Collaboration:  Bjørnådal & Casagrande

Skogfinsk Museum is based on the tradition of "slash-and-burn" - agriculture. The architecture is designed after a charred piece of wood with external materials of burnt wood, natural stone and copper, which ages in a natural way. The interior has a solid wooden floor and hand-hewn (piiluta) walls with a natural wood color, protected by a shiny copper roof.

The entire structure is made of solid wood with the outer layer of burnt wood.

The various functions of the museum complex are divided into 10 individual building segments which together form one public space on a village scale.

A raised copper roof ties the volumes together and gives the inner axis a tall room. The individual functions in the different sectors enable a flexible expansion of the mouse areas in the 2nd construction phase.

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