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Holmenkollen - NCV 44

Holmenkollen - NCV 44

Project name: NCV 44

Category: Apartments

Customer: Private

Status: Preliminary project

Location: Voksenåsen, Holmenkollen

Architect: Bjørnådal Arkitektstudio AS 

The project consists of 4 houses with a shared outdoor area and parking basement. The houses have flat roofs but one light inlet designed as a salt roof. The materials will mainly consist of brick and three.


The plot is located in Voksenålater in uneven småhouse areåde The property is distinctive with a spectacular location. Great views towards Bogstad and Hovseter in combination with good sunny conditions contribute to good living qualities.

The property is in a state of disrepair̊nothing på the upper side of the road in Voksenåsen..

Surrounding buildings are structured according to terrain formations. This is also̊ structuring for choosing the location of the requested measures.


The plot is sloping, but the buildings are located so that good and contiguous outdoor areas are ensured the best part of the plot between house A & B and C & D.


Each apartment has its own terrace either on terrain or balcony/roof terrace.


The outdoor areas will be varied and arranged for different activities. The property is well oriented in terms of sun and view.


The measure has a sufficient distance to the surrounding buildings so that the green slope remains dominant. The volumes are a composition of an L-configuration which means that only a narrow part of the volumes protrudes and the volumes appear broken up. The majority of the area is secluded and with possible establishment of vegetation in front. The houses adapt in size, typology and shape and have a clear and precise shape. Large windows to the south and west provide bright apartments with a very good living quality.

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