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Heinsagate 14

Heinsagate 14

Project name: Heinsagata 15


Category: 2 Detached houses


Customer: KBBL


Status: Application for framework permit


Location: Heinsagata 14, Kristiansund

Bjørnådal Arkitektstudio has submitted an application for a framework permit for 2 small detached houses in Hensagata 14 in Kristiansund.


The detached houses are respectively 105m2 and 120m2 BRA. A lot of work has gone into creating a single-family housing development with good spaces between them, which together create a hamlet with street garden, garden garden and sea garden.


The color palette for the two detached houses is to be adapted to the requirements for color use for the zoning plan for Port Arthur, and cladding material is planned Plannja trend for the roof and external walls or possibly wooden cladding on the external wall which will create an aesthetic connection in the area.

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