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Heinsagata 15

Heinsagata 15

Project name: Heinsagata 15


Category: 6-person home


Customer: KBBL


Status: Application for framework permit


Location: Heinsagata 15, Kristiansund

The project belongs to a recent zoning plan for the larger area, R-282 - Detailed zoning for Port Arthur harbor west, which was adopted in 2018. The zoning regulations describe clear requirements regarding the future building's maximum height, design, material and color use, as well as utilization of the site and requirements for outdoor areas and parking. This has laid the guidelines for our design process.


The building's shape follows the plot's registered abstract building boundary, which has provided a premise for a unique volume. Height regulations are close to the site's existing residential building, which is to be demolished. New construction will therefore not stand out in relation to the established neighborhood around it. Seen in context with the new and future planned housing blocks on the other side of the road, this building creates a nice escalation in scale from the older buildings to the new ones.


The plot has its finest views to the west and south-west, where it meets nature and looks towards Sørsundet and Averøy. In other directions, the view is more characterized by existing and future residential buildings. Our concept is therefore to orient the building to the west, so that all the apartments get the quality view and contact with nature.


The building appears as two solid parallel volumes in the east-west direction. The roof form is a complex variant of a salt roof, which rises towards the west. The building's facades are divided vertically by stiles and the windows dance on the facade in an irregular way, almost so that you cannot see where one floor ends and the next begins. This underpins the building's design language as a solid volume, punctuated with windows, which finally open up to the west with large panes of glass.


The building is dressed up with tablecloths and games, in the color English red in line with tradition in the Inland. Basement floor will be in white/grey color of plaster or concrete. The garage door will be the same color as the wall, so as not to appear dominant. The home's outdoor area is on the south side, including a playground equipped with a bench and sand play. In addition, each apartment has its own balcony/terrace to the west. In the outdoor area, planters are planned, both free-standing and along the intersection with the terrain behind, to reduce the visual effect of it. The relationship between the outdoor area and the mountain behind is designed in more detail during detailed design, unless adaptation of the terrain is necessary in accordance with regulatory provisions.

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