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Detached house Selfors

Detached house Selfors

Project name: Detached house Selfors


Category/type of housing: Detached house


Customer: Private


Status: Completed 2015


Location: Mo i Rana, Norway

The 3-storey detached house is situated on a south-facing hillside and collects sun from morning to evening with a spectacular view of the city below.


The house is a rehabilitation of a modernist villa from 1960 which was partly destroyed by a prefabricated design in the 80s. The house is centered around a central staircase that acts as air ventilation between the different floors. A lot of work has gone into creating microclimatic spaces around the house to provide shelter and places in the sun for the residents.


The 2nd floor consists of a kitchen and living room where the family gathers for breakfast and dinner. It has become the central meeting point for the family. Private rooms and bedrooms are located on the first floor and in the attic.


The windows have been inserted with special intention to provide a view of the surrounding mountains and arctic nature.

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