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Holmenkollen - NCV 20

Holmenkollen - NCV 20

Project name: NCV 20


Category: Apartments


Customer: Private


Status: Framework permit


Location: Holmenkollen, Oslo

NCV 20


The project consists of two horizontally divided semi-detached houses with four housing units and parking basements under the building volumes. The houses are designed and adapted to the terrain in relation to the surrounding buildings. There has also been a focus on the blue-green structure. The semi-detached houses face south-west with a park between the buildings. This is to preserve the terrain, existing trees and the visual qualities in a good way.


The project seeks to create a densification on a large detached house plot and utilize the plot's good location, terrain and views. The houses' two narrow bodies give a spacious impression. The buildings' poetic design emphasizes this impression, as the outdoor area is of great importance to the project.


Each floor of the semi-detached houses has its own relationship to the terrain and therefore its own facade design. The shape of the homes was created with a view to utilizing as much space as possible and to create a good microclimate around the body of the building. It was also important to adapt the building structure to the area. The houses therefore consist of dark brick and large, striking window surfaces.


The houses are over three levels, where the first floor is over one level, and the penthouses are over two levels, with windows facing all directions. There are shared stairs and a lift from the parking garage, up to the apartments, and on to the detached house, which is behind the semi-detached houses.


The apartments on the 1st floor have three bedrooms, one of which is the master bedroom, an open living room and kitchen, a meeting room and a separate section for children. On the 2nd floor there is a large entrance hall, office, bathroom, living room, kitchen, two bedrooms, possibly a TV room. The 3rd floor has a large living room of 35m2, a master bedroom with attached walk-in and bathroom and two large bedrooms.


The basement consists of two parking spaces and one storage room per apartment. The basement and the sheds are made of cast-in-place concrete, and the floors above consist of brickwork, details of wood and glass.

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