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Community landscape

Community landscape

Project name: Community landscape


Category: Art project - Tribune


Customer: Tromsø municipality


Status: Completed on 1 October 2022


Location: Grønnåsen school, Tromsø municipality

Community landscape is a sculptural tribune by architect and artist Hans-Petter Bjørnådal. At 30 metres, this is the largest art project in Tromsø municipality's art collection. The handover of the art commission was 5 October 2022, and the work is displayed at Grønnåsen School.


The school yard has received a unique work of art, and the municipality has received its largest work of art. The work has also been approved by the Art Committee in the municipality. The feedback has been positive, and we therefore extend a big thank you to everyone who has been involved in the project.



The art project is designed with sheets of duraply. The largest part of the installation faces the basketball court, while the other, more curved part, creates a more secluded area. The design means that the installation is not only a tribune for students at Grønnåsen School, but also a meeting place for the district that can be used after school.



In the process, we have worked closely with art advisor Nina Mathisen and art curator Ina Otzko to create a parametrically designed landscape constructed from wooden slats. The tribune creates seating and activity spaces for larger and smaller groups of people. As in a natural landscape, we find places where there are both private spaces and more open landscape where people can meet. The tribune is placed towards the terrain against a natural slope. The shape of the design is also a result of the stand taking into account an existing tree on the site.



In the detailed design, we have collaborated with Andrea Mušić, Rambøll Oslo and Lost Coast Woodwork & design. Ben Adams was the master carpenter and led the craftsmen on site. We would like to thank all partners, Tromsø municipality and other members of the art committee for good dialogue, thoughts and input.



Hans-Petter Bjørnådal - artist/architect - Bjørnådal arkitektstudio

Andrea Mušić - parametric design

Siemens Cuypers - parametric design

Øystein Flakk - engineer – Rambøll

Nina Mathisen - art advisor Tromsø municipality

Ina Otzko - art consultant IO Productions

Elisabeth Pettersen – landscape architect – Tromsø municipality

Elin Matsson – landscape architect – Tromsø municipality

Karianne Heimdal – HSE – HR project

Ronny Jørgensen – landscape contractor – A.Markussen AS

Ben Adams - Carpenter - Lost Coast Woodwork & Design

Ole Martin Gundersen - Lost Coast Woodwork & Design

Mikkel Solberg - Lost Coast Woodwork & Design

Oliver Adams - Lost Coast Woodwork & Design

Philip Adams - Lost Coast Woodwork & Design

Jan Kleine - carpenter - Carpenter Jan Kleine

Haye Sievertsen - carpenter - SU Bygg AS

Ole Bachmann - carpenter - SU Bygg AS

Sebastian Lind - Tromsø municipality

Kjell Ronny Jensen - Tromsø municipality

Steinar - carpentry - Interiørhelhet AS

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