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Wessels gt 31 - Approved framework permit

With a vote of eight to one, the main committee for planning and building says yes to the application to build a new six-person home in Wessels gate in Innlandet in Kristiansund.

The main committee for planning and building supports the municipal director's assessment in the matter and believes this contributes to the desired densification and beautification of the townscape, says main committee leader Bjarne Elde (Ap).

A sparkling clear majority (eight to one) says yes to a new building project at Innlandet in Kristiansund, which involves the demolition of the existing single-family home at Wessels gate 31 and replacing it with a new six-person home. Bjørnådal Arkitektstudio is the responsible applicant for the project, on behalf of the project owner KBBL.

The decision provides exemption from provisions in the current zoning plan with regard to both the degree of utilization of the plot and the clear line of sight at the intersection Wessels gate/Sørsundveien. The majority believe, like the municipal director, that the advantages of granting a dispensation are overall greater than the disadvantages. In the case submission, it is pointed out that the road authorities in a statement allow a reduced clearance at the intersection.

- This will be positive for the urban environment, with proximity to schools, kindergartens and grocery stores, it is pointed out in the municipal director's submission.

- Seen from the current situation for the area, the construction of the measure as requested will not result in a marked deviation from the character of the area, the director of the municipality points out in his recommendation.



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