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Oppdatert: 25. apr. 2023

As part of "Il Primo Cerchio del Paradiso" by Bjørnådal Arkitektstudio, Principal Hans-Petter Bjørnådal is organizing a workshop called "Spheres" for students from Venice and Lofoten, in collaboration with Bodø 2024 European Capital of culture and glass artist Geir Morten Karlsen from Glassforum. Attendes will get an introduction to glass engraving and afterwards each individual glass sphere will become part of the installation at Giardini della Marinaressa. In 2024 the project will travel to Bodø, European capital of culture in 2024 where there will a workshop and exhibition.

INTRO The first part of the installation "il Primo cerchio del Paradiso" revolves around the cultural exchange and trade between Venice and northern Norway in Late Middle Ages/ early Renaissance, and the history of a tradesman Querini’s who shipwrecked on a Norwegian island Røst. The project tries to establish aholistic approach to climate change. We believe that nature must be taken care of, respected and refined by learning from ancient traditions. Traditions kept alive by grandmothers in Venice and fishermen inLofoten.

WORKSHOP The second part of the installation "il Primo cerchio del Paradiso" will be a workshop where we shiftfocus from the past to the future. The project`s point of departure is still the sea, but we turn away from the death, represented by dried fish. The new object will be fish eggs. Fish eggs represent life and hope and are exactly what is needed in a world with dystopian imagery of the future. The fish eggs will be made of solid spheres of glass manufactured by students from both Venice and Lofoten. The youth willget an introduction to engraving of glass but are otherwise free to express themselves. The expression is free and poetic and within this poetry lies the seed to transcend the realm of reality. During the workshop, each individual sphere of glass will be mounted in the construction to create a dialogue with the other spheres of glass.

PROJECT The overall expression will be mounted in accordance with Open Form and this will allow additionaladditions over time. We want to create an expression that can transcend the individual's understandingof consciousness (self-identity) and be in dialogue with one holistic expression (community). Withlighting from below, the structure will shine like a steam of fish where one is part of a whole.The project will be exhibited at Giardini del Marinaressa for the reminder of the Biennale. In 2024 theproject will end up in Bodø, European capital of culture in 2024 where there will be another workshop.


10.00 Introduction - Info and expectations

10.30 Presentation of design posibilities with glass

11.00 The individual statement, creative approach and choice of expression. Work with idea and concept.

12.00 Lunch

13.00 Translate idea and concept to glasswork end execute design

15.00 End of day

TEAM Henrik Sand Dagfinrud - Program Director, Bodø 2024 Hans-Petter Bjørnådal - Principal Architect, Bjørnådal Arkitektstudio Geir Morten Karlsen, Glassforum Ina Otzko, IO Productions Olga Skrebenska, Architect Christine Blass, Illusive Design

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