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S h e l l ( t e r )

Shell(ter) is a ecological temple reflecting on the past while providing answers for a sustainable future.

Shell(ter) is our proposal for sustainable tourism for Samong Haven, Bali - Indonesia. The project derives its name from seashells found on the sacred mountain Pura Ulun Jagat Kertha. The seashells comes from sediments formed during the last ice age, when the Indonesian archipelago was part of two large landmasses: the western parts were connected to Asia, the eastern parts to Australia. During the end of the last ice age (around 20,000–10,000 years ago), earth experienced global climate change; a global warming with the rising of average temperature caused the melting of polar ice caps and contributed to the rising of sea surface. Sundaland was submerged under shallow sea, creating Malacca Strait, South China Sea, Karimata Strait and the Java Sea.

The accommodation is situated on a hillside in Sumberkina, facing towards the sacred mountain Pura Ulun Jagat Kerthawhich which hosts a Hindu Tempel. A bamboo roof with white tiles create a shelter from the hot tropical sun and heavy rainfall during the rainy season. The roof is protecting a substructure of rammed earth designed in accordance with sustainable and thermal principals. Under the large bamboo roof we find shelter for sleeping and meditation, bathroom for cleansing the body and a pool to cool yourself on hot days.

Shell(ter) is a ecological temple reflecting on the past while providing answers for a sustainable future. In the entrance to the site we find the Hindu house god Lord Ganesha overlooking the site. The project is designed in line with Hindu principals

Shell(ter) is designed for Samong Haven through PRAKSIS residency twenty An Urgent Situation. It results from a collaborative design process. The principle architect was Norwegian architect Hans-Petter Bjørnådal, roofing design in collaboration with Norwegian architect Kyrre Kalseth and Balinese Bamboo specialist Gede, with research and design contributions by Canadian artist Eric Almberg, Malaysian architect Zhe Rui Chen, Curator Ahmad Darkhabani, Canadian artist Stephanie Florence, French landscape architect Doriane Mangosteen Happel, Malaysian architectural researcher Afaf Ismail, Malaysian architect Eleena Jamil, Jamaican born architect Don Lawrence, Norwegian architecture studio Majoren tegnestue, Ugandan architectural designer Tadeo Nedala and Norwegian artist Tanja Thorjussen.  

The residency was supported by Nordic Culture Fund, The British Council, Arts Council Norway, and City of Oslo.



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