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Kristiansund 2043

TIDENS KRAV - LINN INGER ANGELL: Let's travel together to Kristiansund 20 years in the future. What will the city look like? We have to plan for that already today, say architects Idunn Eide Sanden and Arnheidur Ofeigsdottir at Bjørnådal arkitektstudio.

Imagine the following scenario, you travel 20 years forward in time in Kristiansund. What does the city on Nordmøre look like after ten years? It is almost easier to look back to Kristiansund 2003, and all the development and growth that has taken place since then. With the past and the present in mind, the young architects in Bjørnådal arkitektstudio have predicted their vision for KSU 2043.

This matter is not about concrete plans, but is inspired by creative minds.

Idunn Eide Sanden (35) and Arnheidur Ofeigsdottir (35) are both architects, and with their young eyes on society and urban development, they have many ideas for how Kristiansund can look like in 20 years.



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