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Oppdatert: 20. okt. 2022

Bjørnådal Arkitektstudio og Illusive Design inviterer til «CREATIVE TALK» med Menno Cramer I våre lokaler i Vågeveien 7.

Menno Cramer vil holde ett foredrag med temaet:

Bridging Neuroscience and Design, the core of being HUMAN: Understand Experience.

Menno is passionate about people and design, more specifically how we as humans interact with designed objects and services. During his PhD in Neuroscience & Design he started to explore the link between designing spaces and their perception and impact. From physical spaces like cities, transport structures and architecture, to digital spaces like websites, apps and products with how we perceive them. From UX designer to design consultant, from startups to enterprise, Menno tends to find himself in a wide range of activities and topics. All Menno's roles are at the intersection of behaviour and design. His career is about how we can manage the creation of spaces, products and services, whilst accurately predicting the experience they inherently generate.

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